How to Overcome Every Challenge You Face

We’ve all been there - time and time again.  
Feeling completely overwhelmed as the challenges of life surround us.  

Finances.  Family.  Health.  Friends.  Love.  

So what do you do?

Turn to: Alcohol?  Shopping?  Food?

These mechanisms only serve to distance ourselves from our obstacles - increasing anxiety and inertia.  

Distance kills.  

The absolute worst thing one can do is ignore the issue and hope it disappears.

It won’t.  

The good news is that the strategy to triumph over any obstacle is incredibly simple.  

Here is how to overcome every challenge you face:  


1.  Acknowledge

Face your challenge head on.  Specifically describe it.  

Write it down.  Draw it out.  Study it.

Do whatever it takes to make it absolutely clear.  

Only then can you determine the best next step.  


2.  Act

With a solid understanding of the situation, take action.  

Sooner is better than later.  

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t sure it will work or what will happen.  

Trust your gut and do it anyways.  

3.  Persist

Most people fail because of one reason: they quit.  

As an entrepreneur, the foundation for success is survival. 

The key to living an effective life is persistence.  

Persistence shows you care and what you value.  

The Japanese have a saying:


If your course of action doesn't produce your desired result, repeat 1 and 2 until your challenge is eliminated.  

Never quit.

Persistence is key.  The last man standing wins.  

What challenges will you overcome today?