Stop Making Excuses and Take Action

Inaction is one of the biggest problems of the 21st Century. It is one that has plagued everyone of us, but is easy to overcome.  Inaction comes in many forms: procrastination, excuses, fear - you name it.

They all mean the same thing. 

These are just different forms of limitations that we place on ourselves, which prevent us from living life to the fullest and fulfilling our dreams. 

As an entrepreneur, the results of inaction are deadly

How many times have you put off building your product with the excuse that you are 'fundraising' or 'don't know how to code'? 

I know I have and it has cost me a tremendous amount of time and missed opportunities.  

So how can we overcome these limitations and take action?

Stop Blaming Others

How many times have you blamed others for negative outcomes in your own life?

This is very easy to do, but also very costly.  Whether someone really does bring about a negative outcome in your life or not, take ownership of the situation and fix it. 

If you're having a 'bad day' - listen to some Bob Marley and relax. 

If a task is outside of your 'job scope' but needs to get done - complete it and never look back.

If someone hurts you - forgive and forget. 

It really is that simple!

If you can master this concept, you will become one of the happiest people on earth.

Face your Fears with Confidence

Spiders.  Flying.  Public Speaking.  Rejection.  Death.

The majority of us struggle with at least one of these fears.  But realistically, should we fear them?

Let's break each of these down:

Spiders - most are harmless and won't bother you (unless of course you're in the Amazon rainforest or something, but then you're asking for it).

Flying - According to this New York Times Article, in 2006, passengers flew 760 million times on airline flights in the United States, with just one death, a mechanic who fell while trying to close the door of a parked Boeing 737.

Public Speaking - share your thoughts, back them up and don't worry about the negative opinions of others.  This will complete change your daily interactions with people.

Rejection - it happens to all of us and we must realize that it is their loss not ours.

Death - you can't escape it - but you can live life to the fullest by conquering your fears and knowing that when your time comes you will be ready.

How many times have you missed out on opportunities and rich experiences because of the fear of failure or the opinions of others?

This is your life and you decide how you spend it - no one else does!  Do not let fear cripple you into a state of inaction. 

I am implementing a new practice starting today: doing one thing that scares me every single day.  Will you join me?

Let's all stop making excuses and take action, so together we can make our world a better place!